Vision and Church: Is it Important?

I have often heard the saying that “if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  Vision is 110% , must have, crucial for any organization. It’s not that you’ll fail without it – you just won’t succeed because you won’t have a target that you’re aiming for! All successful companies understand this idea extremely well. For example, look at Target and Wal-Mart. Both companies are in the same industry. Both companies appear to be competitors, but neither internally considers the other as a competitor. Why? Because they have a specific vision that they are trying to attain. The leaders of each company understand exactly what they want to look like. That’s their vision and there is 110% clarity. They don’t want to look the same. Look at the customers who shop in each of those stores. They don’t look the same, and that’s not an accident. Those companies know what they want to do and they excel at doing it.

Now what about your Church? What’s your vision? What are you aiming for? What do you want to look like? Have your leaders ever talked about it publicly? If you’re a leader do you know what you’re aiming for? If so, have you told the people who are doing the aiming and shooting? It would be good for them to know, don’t you think? These are great questions that, for too many Churches and Church leaders, have not been asked.

Here’s what happens when a Church doesn’t have a vision – when a Church doesn’t know what it’s aiming for. First, it becomes a self-serving group of people. In other words, it becomes a group of people who maintain the aquarium instead of fish for men. Why? Because as humans our natural tendency is to look inward instead of outward. If we’re not pointed in a specific direction then we’ll simply choose our own; and it will be inward. Second, a Church without a vision is one that goes through the motions and gets buried into deep spiritual ruts that are terribly difficult to get out of. Without a vision, organizations simply look to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, there is one huge plus for a Church that has a vision (other than knowing what you’re aiming for). It’s simply this, the people are motivated and energized. When you walk into the building or are around the people there’s an energy and excitement that wouldn’t otherwise exist. When the Church leaders actively and proactively communicate with clarity the group’s vision then people get excited; and excitement is contagious!

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